Week 1: Assumptions:
1. God is generous.
God, who lacked nothing and was content within Godself, chose to create the universe: a generous act.
From God’s abundance and generosity life sprang forth.
God’s generosity is the source of our world, our lives and of all we have and are.
2. We are created in God’s image, therefore,
We are created (called) to live out the generosity of God.
3. Generosity is the outward expression of love. As we grow in love we will grow in generosity.

Take a few minutes to quietly consider this question at the end of each day, or at another convenient time. You can make your observations in your head, in a journal, or you can share them in conversation with another person. The important part is to reflect on your own experiences.

We tend to see what we are looking for. If we expect to find generosity in the world we will.

Question: What examples of generosity did I witness today?

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