Who we are...

A community, growing in love, following Jesus.

In crafting this statement we tried to capture what was true about who we are, and also to provide a goal toward which we can aspire and a rule by which we can evaluate our individual lives and life together.
What seemed most true is that we are a community, a place where when you have a need, tragedy or joy to share you will find a welcoming heart. A community that gathers more often than not around a table, be it an altar or a dining table. We gather to seek nourishment from Holy Eucharist and from being with each other.
Also true is that we share a common desire to live in a world of more love, and a commitment to grow in our ability to give and receive love. We recognize that growth comes from being part of a community of others seeking growth, and that although growth requires effort on our parts, ultimately it is God who gives us the grace to grow in love. Each of us is unique and God calls each of us to express our love in a unique way. Part of stating our commitment to growth is our acknowledgement that we are not perfect, but always trying.
Our path toward growth in love is to follow Jesus. While there may be other ways, we choose to model our lives on Jesus, and we believe that He has chosen us. Following Jesus involves practices: worship, engagement with the scriptures, the sacraments and the traditions of the Church, and especially prayer. In prayer we seek to listen to God’s leading through the spirit, and to grow more and more like Jesus each day.