St. Paul's Episcopal Church
27 Plains Road (Box 82)
Windham Center, CT.

Ministries - There are many ways to get involved in the life and worship of St. Paul's community!  If you’re interested in finding out more or willing to offer your time and talent, please let us know.

Worship Ministries

Mission and Outreach Ministries  

Liturgy means ‘the work of the people’.  Our Vicar presides at most liturgies assisted by members of the congregation. 

  • Lay Readers read the assigned lessons. 
  • Sub-deacons lead the psalm and assist with the distribution of communion.  They usually wear a liturgical vestment and are part of the procession.
  • Ministers of Communion sit with the congregation, lead the Prayers of the People and assist with the distribution of communion.
  • Acolytes (all ages) are part of the procession, light and extinguish candles and act as servers as the communion elements are prepared.
  • Greeters, welcome and seat people, ring the church bell and present the Eucharistic elements and the offering during the Eucharist.
  • The Altar Guild prepares the altar for all services, maintains the vestments and sacramental linens & vessels.  The liturgical calendar is followed in determining the colors of altar hangings and vestments.
  • Altar Flowers for Sunday Service are donated by parishioners.  Dedications and memorials are noted in the service bulletin.  The flowers may be arranged by professional florists or by the donor.  

St. Paul’s is especially blessed to have a large number of our members participating in liturgical ministries.  Training is available for all interested, and a new schedule comes out 3-4 times per year.  Speak to Fr. John if you are interested in serving.

St Paul's acknowledge and support the many ministries that our parishioners are involved with both locally and globally.  Our "champions" work with various organizations such as, WAIM, the Covenant Soup Kitchen, Camp Washington, the Bishop's Fund for Children, Perception Programs, the No Freeze Shelter and many more, to improve the lives of those served.
A group of parishioners went on a work week to help provide relief and rebuilding to those effected by Hurricane Katrina.
We maintain a relationship with a medical Clinic in Port au Prince Haiti, LAMP for Haiti.  This relationship was developed by two parishioners Sarah and Jessica whom we sent on mission trips to help with human rights issues.  We have sent clothes, medications and funds to install electricity at the clinic.  
The monies we receive from our fundraising efforts are disbursed throughout the many programs we support as well as to other areas of need.

Mission and Outreach Committee Chair: Virginia Fulton

Douglas Manor:
Debbie Russel

No Freeze Shelter - Father John Burton

WAIM (Windham Area Interfaith Ministry)
Delegate: Bill Powers

Educational Ministries

 Music Ministries

Education is essential to the development of Christians of all ages.  Ongoing opportunities include:
  • Sunday school offering age-appropriate study of the week's Bible texts, for grades 1 thru 8, during the first part of our Sunday Service.  Students join their families at the time of the exchange of the Peace to participate in communion.
  • Weekly Bible Study, most Tuesdays from 1:00 to 2.30pm.  This study takes place in Parish Hall and usually focuses on the Gospel reading assigned to the following Sunday. 
  • Seasonal Programs are offered in Advent, Lent and throughout the Church year.  Most are led by the Vicar often in collaboration with another member of the Parish.  Programs are announced in the bulletin, newsletter and website are open to all and typically run only for several weeks duration to accommodate people’s busy schedules.


As a small church, St. Paul's is blessed to have many musically talented members.  Our spirited choir which rehearses many Sundays either before or after the service presents an anthem about once a month and special service music for major feasts and celebrations.  Elizabeth Austin, a composer whose works are known both in this country and in Europe, serves as our organist and choir director.  St. Paul’s historic 1857 Holbrook tracker organ (recently restored) provides the music at all services, occasionally with accompaniment of other instruments.

Recorder Ensemble
Several years ago a group of recorder enthusiasts of all levels, mostly beginners, was assembled by Cilla Barnes (nee Carroll), a member of the congregation.  Under her instruction and direction this group has grown and progressed and now provides music for services several times a year.

Parish Communications

 Parish Life Ministries

  • The "St. Paul's Messenger" is a monthly newsletter featuring all the exciting and important activities happening in our parish community.  To include your article, contact Dana Kessler
  • Directory of parishioners, names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail contact.  To add or update your information, please contact the Parish Secretary, Janice MuKusick
  • Web-Site managed by Fr. John  To include your article, add or update your information, add or update your calendar event, please e-mail to
  • ScrapBook Team Organizer - This was started at the request of the Mission and Outreach Committee.  We gathered photos of parishioners and their involvements in outreach activities and some of the social events as well. It's an ongoing project.  We are always looking for people to share pictures of their ministries in the community!

Parish Life Committee Chair: 
Beth Nelson & Asst. Monica Marsh

  • After Sunday Service, fellowship and light food are in abundance at coffee hour in the parish hall.
  • We relish occasions for shared meals, including: Movie Nights, Soup Suppers, Maundy Thursday Meal, and our annual picnic!
  • Village Coffee: we open our doors for people to come and sit and chat over free coffee or tea.  Everyone welcome, parishioners, neighbors, community at large and area visitors.  First and Third Saturday of most months from 8.30am -10.30am. 

 St. Paul's Funeral Hospitality Volunteers

   Chair:    Mimi Laub
                 Marion Beausoleil                             
                Jo Anne Loughery



 Other Important Positions and Employees


Management of St. Paul’s finances, property and Parish life are the responsibility the Vestry, eight individuals elected to staggered three-year terms at an annual Parish Meeting held in January who also are called upon to provide wise counsel to the Vicar.

Vestry 2014
Vicar – The Rev. John Burton

Senior Warden – Dana Kessler
Junior Warden – David Haines

Treasurer – Marian Brazziel

Clerk – Donna Barra

Finance Chair – Gordon Muir
Property Chair – Jim Russel & George Younger

Parish Life Chair – Beth Nelson

                          Mission & Outreach Chair – Virginia Fulton

The Senior Warden chairs Vestry meetings and holds ultimate responsibility for all parish matters.

The Junior Warden is responsible for the annual stewardship process, and handles scheduling of Parish buildings.

The Treasurer is responsible for Parish finances.

The Clerk takes meeting minutes and signs official documents.

The Property Chair heads the property committee which oversees the care and maintenance of our buildings and grounds.  St Paul's is blessed to have many talented, dedicated members and we tend to take on many projects ourselves.

The Finance Chair assists the Treasurer and convenes the Finance Committee to prepare the annual budget and oversees our investments.

The Parish Life Chair coordinates the many events involving food and hospitality which take place at St. Paul's each year including coffee hours, dinners, special events, and the annual Parish picnic.

The Mission and Outreach chair coordinates and publicizes the many outreach events and ministries supported by St. Paul’s and convenes a committee to make recommendations to the Vestry regarding distribution of our Mission and Outreach funds

Altar Guild:
Purchasing - Deb Russel
        Scheduling - Marion Beausoleil
        Flowers -

        Church School –
Janice McKusick

        Diocesan Committee on Aging and Life Planning –
        Dana Kessler
        Diocesan Delegate – Donna Barra
to Convention – Dana Kessler
        Garden - Gordon Muir, Richard Swartwout & George Younger
        Historian –
Ann Higginbotham
        Lay Assistant Scheduling - Loretta Haeger

        Newsletter – Dana Kessler

        Nursery – 

        Organist – Elizabeth Austin

        Parish Secretary – Janice McKusick

        Pledge Secretary – Jo Anne Loughery
        Prayer Guild - Cynthia Henrich & Pat Campbell
        Sexton –  Jacque Marceau

        WAIM Delegate – Virginia Fulton
        Website -









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