COVID-19 and Worship at St. Paul's

We know that fellowship at St. Paul’s has been impactful and vital for parishioners. This has never been more true than during a pandemic. Keeping St. Paul’s open is our goal, but only if we can do it safely.

We have layers of safety that we did not have at the start of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. The premier safety layer being the vaccine. Together we can add in the other necessary safety layers.

When in Church

Steps for Protection

  • Distance at Church
    • Follow the pattern of using every other pew.
    • Approach the altar slowly for communion - leave 6 feet of space, no need to rush. 1 pew approaches at time. Wait to consume your communion until you are back in your pew. There is a refuse bin in the nave for the cups.
  • Wear Your Mask
    • Now is the time to wear an N95, KN95, or KF94 (avoid counterfeits). The N95 Project is a good source for masks.
    • 3 layer surgical masks are available at church. When using a surgical mask 1st fold in half, 2nd spread the pleats wide, apply to face starting with your nose as you attach elastics over your ears and drop the mask over your chin to create a seal. Press metal nose piece firmly down.
    • Do Not Alter Masks.
    • When mask appears dirty or is torn - throw out.
    • Do not leave masks in the sun, this deteriorates them.
    • Surgical Masks are really 1 time use, but if you need to use again, store in a paper bag.
    • Avoid touching your face/mask, or other people’s faces/masks.
    • Cough/Sneeze into your mask, then replace mask.
  • Hand Hygiene
    • Wash hands frequently and when ever visibly dirty or prior to working with food for at least 20 seconds and moisturize.
    • Use hand sanitizer with more than 70% alcohol. There is hand sanitizer throughout the church. Please use when entering, prior to taking communion, after sneezing/coughing, before changing your mask, or whenever you feel the need.
    • Eucharistic Ministers use hand sanitizer prior to serving communion, do not touch your face. Do not receive communion until you have served parishioners. After serving parishioners, sanitize your hands again.
  • Ventilation
    • In the Parish Hall, always use the heat pump. This has the highest level of filtration available. If you don’t see it on, turn it on.
    • In the sanctuary, keep windows open and fans on. Bundle up everyone!
  • If Sick
    • Call your doctor, they can order testing for you and help with your care.
    • Don’t attend church in person, use Zoom.  Links are on the calendar here.
    • Follow guidelines to be able to return to normal activity and let close contacts know for testing if COVID suspected.
    • CDC Info
  • Get Vaccinated
    • Pfizer New London has been working on MRNA vaccines for over 30 years!
    • There are 1,000’s of coronaviruses, humans can only catch a few. This is the newest one for us and as our bodies learn about the virus, sometimes they over react. Vaccination is the safest way to teach our bodies about infectious diseases because they don’t actually introduce the disease, just a story of the disease.
    • Both Moderna and Pfizer’s MRNA vaccine are only in your arm for 24 hours. It’s like having a houseguest in your living room. This guy comes in with dirty shoes on your white carpet and leaves crumbs everywhere. You know next time he shows up, you’re not gonna let him in to any part of your house.